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May 14, 2012


Training of Nurses for My Family Clinic, Aldagi-BCI


Emory University School of Medicine and Partners for International Development have launched the new program of training nurses in the regions of Georgia for My Family Clinic of Aldagi-BCI.

Minister of Labour, Health, and Social Affairs of Georgia Mr. Zurab Chiaberashvili has opened the first training course of this program for nurses of Tkibuli and Terjola Medical Centers owned by My Family Clinic. The Minister addressed the nurses and medical staff gathered in Tkibuli Medical Center and spoke about the importance of training nurses.

At the starting level small sized (15 beds) clinics of My Family Clinic will participate in the program.

In the framework of the mentioned program nurses will undergo general nursing as well as the specialized courses in emergency, surgery, obstetrics and pediatric nursing. The courses are developed with support of the USAID Georgia Nursing Education Program.

The duration of general nursing course is 1 month and 300 nurses will be trained during the first stage of the program.

My Family Clinic represents a subsidiary company of Insurance Company ALDAGI BCI and owns the chain of both outpatient and inpatient clinics in Tbilisi as well as in other regions: Adjara, Imereti, and Samegrelo.

Minister Chiaberashvili is speaking with nurse trainees in Tkibuli.




October 21, 2011


Nursing Leadership Course Graduation


Newly appointed USAID Mission Director in Georgia Mr. Stephen Haykin has visited the Kobaladze Learning Center to attend the Graduation Ceremony for the Nursing Leadership Course. The Course was designed and delivered by Mrs. Laura Hart, Nursing Service Director of the Emory Hospital to teach basic leadership and management skills to head nurses in Georgia. 17 head nurses from different hospitals of Tbilisi have attended the course. Mr. Haykin got acquainted with the activities of the Kobaladze Learning Center and met with the USAID Georgia Nursing Education Program staff and nursing faculty. Dr. Kenneth Walker and Mrs. Laura Hart made a short presentations of the program itself and the leadership course.

Mr. Haykin addressed the audience with short speech in which he highlighted that supporting of the nursing education remains a high priority for USAID Georgia, he congratulated the PfID and the head nurses with the achievement and gave them Nursing Leadership Course graduation certificates. The course will be translated into Georgian and will be offered to other head nurses, including head nurses from the regions of the country.




October 7, 2011


Training of Practicing Nurses in Gurjaani (Eastern Georgia)


Partners for International Development hold graduation ceremony of the general nursing course delivered by PfID nurse-trainers at Gurjaani (Eastern Georgia) Central Clinical Hospital during the month of September. Total of 28 local nurses were trained in Gurjaani. The graduation ceremony was attended by the honorary guest Mrs. Donna Stauffer, EA Director and Acting ECA Director from our E&E Bureau of USAID.

Mrs. Stauffer had an opportunity to talk to the nurse graduates and ask about the training they received. She congratulated nurses with the successful completion of the course and expressed hope that the new skills and knowledge that they gained with the course will give them better job opportunities and will result in higher quality of patient care at the new hospital that Insurance Company JPI is building in Gurjaani.






May 11, 2011


Training of Practicing Nurses in Kutaisi (Western Georgia)


PfID nursing faculty is delivering 1 month General Nursing Course to 40 practicing nurses in Kutaisi. Hosts are Kutaisi Regional Clinical Hospital of Aldagi-BCI and Academician Tskhakaia Western Georgian National Center of Interventional Medicine. The course is designed to update knowledge and skills of practicing nurses in basics of nursing diagnosis and care.




May 11, 2011

Minister of Health of Georgia Dr. Andria Urushadze is visiting Kobaladze Learning Center



Within the International Nursing Week the Minister of Health Dr. Urushadze has visited PfID Learning Center named after Archil and Sergo Kobaladze and got acquainted with our Nursing Education Program. He met with Administration of the Center and Nursing faculty and talked with the current nurse students of the General Nursing Course. He attended the simulation practice session also. At the end of the visit he congratulated nurses with International Nursing Week and handed Certificates of Graduation to 10 top graduates of the General Nursing course and Emergency Nursing Course.

The Minister has highlighted the impotence of re-training of the current nurses that would update their skills and knowledge and prepare them for the new hospitals and clinics that Government of Georgia is building throughout the country.



May 8, 2011

12 May, International Nurses Day


In January 1974, the decision was made to celebrate the day on 12 may as it is the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, who is widely considered the founder of modern nursing. This year, nurses all over the world commemorates the day with a theme "Closing the Gap: Increasing Access and Equity" that basically aims to improve the health status of all peoples all over the world.

Dear nurses! "Partners for International Development" and "Nurse Nutsa "invite you to participate in quiz dedicated to the international nurses' day.

The winner will be awarded!

Nurse Nutsa will post 5 questions on Facebook. Winner will be pulled from those entries with the most correct answers.

We look foreword to your active participation!


April 14, 2011


PFID together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia is conducting trainings for school nurses.

Meeting of PFID administration, nursing coordinators and 80 representatives of Tbilisi public schools was held on April 14, 2011. Meeting was organized by Ministry of Education and Science. Meeting place was the conference hall of MES. PFID developed six-week training program for school nurses. Trainings for the first two groups of school nurses were held in May-June 2011. Project aims to improve the qualification of school nurses, in line with international health care standards.



4-7 April, 2011


4-7 April, 2011 PFID hosted two representatives of the New York State University, Susan Pittman and Anna Curs, who together with the healthcare faculty of Tbilisi State Medical University, conducted trainings for the nursing faculty of PFID. The course of study was part of the HIV/AIDS training and research program of the New York State University. Course was funded by Fogarty International Center. The goal of the project was to examine the basic components, procedures, analysis and design of the scientific research.

In our opinion, this course will be greatly beneficial for planning and implementing research projects in nursing and foster the collection of data in this field of study.


4-7 February, 2011

Club "Nurse Nutsa"


"Partners for International Development" is implementing an education project "Nurse Nutsa" Nurse Nutsa symbolizes the team of trainers of PFID's nursing faculty. The project goal is to support certified nurses to improve their qualifications by short-term training courses. Nurse Nutsa will become friend for our alumni and other nurses, aiming to support and encourage them, deliver information about innovations in nursing practice, changes in legislation, teach and answer the questions.


Greeting on Facebook, 24 February:


Nurse Nutsa welcomes to every nurse, having practice in Georgia, being certified nurse or having desire to join the group of nurses!

Little Nurse Nutsa is the host of the club of PFID's nursing faculty.

Members of Facebook notice, how actively are using social networking websites people with different professions, then why shouldn't join nurses them?

We hope that, Nurse Nutsa will become lovely and desirable friend of every family.

Join us!

Together, we will tackle important challenges and organize interesting events!



September 28-30, 2010


Emory University School of Medicine Dean's visit - Tbilisi, Georgia


During September 28-30 Dr. Thomas Lawley, Dean of Emory University School of Medicine visited Tbilisi to observe the implementation of Emory University projects in the country Georgia. During his visit he got acquainted with the Emory and its partner organization's – "Partners for International Development - PfID" joint work in the country. He attended the graduation ceremony of the second 8 month mini-residency course in Emergency Medicine supported through USAID "Georgian Emergency Medicine Program" (2007-2010). Emory University School of Medicine Emergency Medicine Faculty developed the course in 2009 when 10 Georgian physicians were trained as trainers in EM. In 2010 these physicians trained 10 more of their colleagues whose graduation ceremony was acknowledged by the congratulation speeches of the U.S.Deputy Chief of Mission Kent Logsdon, the Dean, Dr. Micheil Dolidze, Deputy Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affaires , Dr. Kenneth Walker, Professor of Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine, Dr. Otar Toidze, Head of the Health Commission of the Parliament of Georgia, Dr. Nikoloz Kipshidze, CEO of the Kipshidze Central University Hospital in Tbilisi, Dr. Christine Keyes, Emory University School of Medicine, Co-PI of the Emergency Medicine Program and other leading representatives of the Georgian health and education sector.

Dean Lawley had important meetings at US Embassy in Georgia with U.S.Deputy Chief of Mission Kent Logsdon and Jonathan Conly, Director of USAID in Georgia during which he was pleased to hear words of appreciation regarding the role of Emory University School of Medicine in development of modern medical education system in the country Georgia and regarding the USAID interest to continue collaboration with Emory in future. Dr, Lawley met wit Dr. Andria Urushadze, the newly appointed Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affaires and discussed the results of Emory's work in Georgia as well as areas of potential collaboration in the future. Dr. Urushadze expressed the particular interest of the Ministry in training of Nurses, Emergency Medicine Physicians and Hospitalists.

On September 30th Dean Lawley and Dr. Kenneth Walker opened PfID Learning Center in Avlabari, Tbilisi named after well-known Georgian physician Dr. Archil Kobaladze and his son Sergo. The center will host the USAID Nursing Education Program providing vocational education to practicing nurses in Tbilisi and in regions of the country. During three years of the project more than 2500 nurses will be trained in General Nursing, Emergency and ICU nursing, Pre and Post Operative nursing, etc.

There are many areas of health care sector of Georgia where the involvement of the Emory University School of Medicine will be very benficial and Dean Lawley promised to strongly support Emory Faculty and Partners for International Development in making the collaboration with the MoLHSA and other leading health care institutions of Georgia more efficient and quality oriented.




June 14, 2010


Nursing Training in Zugdidi, Western Georgia


PfID has started training of nurses in regions of Georgia. The first general nursing course was organized in Zugdidi, Samgrelo Region. Training is conducted at two leading hospitals in Zugdidi. The eight PfID nursing faculty members (two person per week) travels from Tbilisi to Zugdidi to provide training to 40 local nurses. The course includes 3 weeks of didactic training, 16 hours of clinical simulation and 18 hours of clinical training at Zugdidi Sent Luka's new hospital.

The regional training in general nursing will be provided to the practicing nurses in Imereti, Ajara, Kacheti and Samtskhe-Javakheti regions also. For the nursing specialty training (emergency nursing, ICU nursing, pediatric nursing, pre and post operative nursing, etc) they will be invited to Tbilisi at the PfID new learning facilities (from July 2010 in Avlabari Center and from February 2011 in Kipshidze Hospital new learning center that will be renovated by the US Army Corps of Engineers).

During the period of 2010-2012 an estimated 500 nurses will be trained in regions of Georgia within the USAID Georgia Nursing Education Program.



October 16, 2009


The Graduation Ceremony of the emergency medicine first mini-residency course


Kipshidze Central University Hospital's atrium hosted the graduation ceremony of the first mini-residency course organized by Emory University School of Medicine, (Atlanta, Georgia) and Partners for International Development in collaboration with the Kipshidze Central University Hospital and the Tbilisi State Medical University. The Graduation Ceremony was organized to distinguish the first 7 residents who successfully completed the mini residency program. The Ceremony was opened by Dr. Nick Kipshidze, the CEO of Kipshidze Hospital. The event was honored by the presence and congratulation speeches of Jock Conly, the USAID mission Director in Georgia, Mr. Alexander Kvitashvili, Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affaires as well as other leading representatives of the Georgian health care system. The Program Coordinator Dr. Christy Keyes (Emory University) handed graduation Certificates along with the symbolic gifts to successful students.

The mini-residency course is a first educational program that set a ground for the emergency medicine development as a medical specialty in Georgia. The graduates have acquired the most to date knowledge and skills in emergency medicine and will have a legal right to practice in this the most critical area of medicine.

The best graduates will be selected as Georgian Faculty who will train their Georgian colleagues within the next courses of the mini-residency program.





May 22, 2009


The First Emergency Medicine Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia


On May 22, 2009 within the Georgia Emergency Medicine Program the Emory University School of Medicine and Partners for International Development (PfID ) organized a joint Conference with Kipshidze Central University Hospital “Emergency Medicine in Georgia – Current Status and Future Perspectives”. The conference was opened by his Excellency Mr. John Tefft, US Ambassador in Georgia, Mr. Alexander Kvitashvili, Minister of Labour, health and Social Affaires and Mr. Davit Tkeshelashvili, State Minister for Regional Issues.

More than 50 people representing various hospitals in Tbilisi and ambulatory service 033 has attended the conference. The aim of the first Emergency Medicine Conference was to promote the emergency medicine as a specialty and to show its’ value to policy makers and hospital administrators. Ms. Sandra E. Roeloves, First Lady of Georgia has joint the Conference and shared her personal understanding of the need for development of an affective emergency medicine network in the country.

Presenting local experts and Emory Faculty informed the audience about the achievements of the first adult emergency department at Kipshidze Hospital, implementation of the first emergency medicine mini residency program organized by Emory University Faculty for 8 Georgian physicians at Emergency Medicine Leaning Center in Tbilisi, to introduce HIS developed for Emergency Department by PfID’s local IT specialist and to new quality control and infection control systems developed within the project. The Minster and hospital administrators have discussed the importance of the emergency medicine as a specialty and the potential and feasibility for adoption of the successful model of Kipshidze’s emergency department at wider scale. Also, the thematic newsletter and the video add were presented to the Conference audience prior their public dissemination.